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Spring Competitive Basketball League

Spring Competitive Basketball League, also known as SCBL,  would like to announce that preparation has begun for the 2019-2020 Youth Basketball League. 

SCBL is a recreational basketball league based out of Spring, TX encompassing a positive environment, grade appropriate competition, with an emphasis on learning , skill development, good sportsmanship and having fun!


SCBL will host a winter season at the beginning of 2020. Pricing and all other information remains the same. For all other information please call 281-901-1429 or email 


Pricing is as follows: 

  • League  Only - $200 ... PRACTICE  DAY OF GAME         
  • League & Individual Skills Training - $325  ( 3 Sessions) 
  • Individual Skills Training - $50/Hr
  • Game film and highlight tapes available upon request... contact us for pricing 


  • 6 GAMES TO BE PLAYED ON SUNDAYS! Practice same day as game. 
  • Volunteer Coaches Needed, just simply apply 

See Season Info Tab for more information on the league 

Don't miss out on the opportunity for your child to grow athletically and build confidence through weekly games and individual skills training! 





Player Registration

Want your child to get better and have fun doing it!? Sign them up here!

Volunteer Coaches Registration

Are you an involved parent!? Want to lead by example? If so, click on the green bar above to get started by volunteer coaching!

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SCBL Spring Competitive Basketball League

Phone: (281) 901 - 1429